Testing the Lamborghini Paint Match and Installing a Turbine Spraying System

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In today's episode we're testing the verde mantis paint to see if its a match to the car, and were installing our Maxi-Miser M3000 turbine spraying system.
Head over to maxi-miser.com/m3000/ to see the spraying system I got as well as their full line of sprayers.
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  • Congratulations on your build, plus the help of everyone. You got friends! Also, that Maxi-Miser 3000, hose and guns is sweet. The normal shop has 1/4” NPT fittings and use the same hoses normally used for impacts, air ratchets and other tools that contain oil and water. A pressure drop from the compressor to the gun, based upon the length of the hose requires increased air pressure to get 30 psi at the gun. Then losses inside the gun to the tip drops to 10-12 psi. This is a game changer for the future! I enjoyed the build.

    Dean KayDean Kay2 päivää sitten
  • Should of Patina wrap the rest of it and leave the multi colored panels there so it looked like the working mans lambo

    Matthew FitchMatthew Fitch4 päivää sitten
  • I actually loved the multi colored lambo lol

    Matthew FitchMatthew Fitch4 päivää sitten
  • This is the big dog for commercial applications , but a 4 or 5 stage for the home guy, I guess I'm not seeing why that couldn't paint an entire car? It's not like there is a tank to fill. Shouldn't it provide constant cfm thru the (basically) vacuum cleaner motor?

    Scott ShriverScott Shriver28 päivää sitten
  • Love your paint booth. Especially all the drywall dust.

    Joe MarshallJoe Marshall6 kuukautta sitten
  • What color is u Lamborghini bro

    Miguel RosasMiguel Rosas9 kuukautta sitten
  • Buys a flat paint with no pearls, wonders why the paint doesn't have pearls... all that work to eliminate dust and debri, yet still leavs trash all over the floor, I can't imagine trying to paint the rear end of the car in that tiny little space in the back.

    Murphy PendletonMurphy Pendleton9 kuukautta sitten
  • Did i miss something or where’s the ventilation in booth for paint fumes?

    Curt BoatwrightCurt Boatwright10 kuukautta sitten
  • Tavarish might know a paint guy....in FL

    Jerry LifseyJerry Lifsey11 kuukautta sitten
  • its a tri-coat, base coat - pearls - clear. just bring the gas cap in to get scanned for the right color

    cetu buthcetu buthVuosi sitten
  • Very surprised you didn’t put venting and air filtration into this paint room

    Christian BarrettChristian BarrettVuosi sitten
  • One major thing that comes to mind..... hose down the floor (with water) then sweep it.... then repeat that a few times.... that debri/dust on the floor can make a difference.

    Walt HansenWalt HansenVuosi sitten
  • what happened to the shop you bought a year ago

    vee2easyvee2easyVuosi sitten
  • a harlequin lamborghini would have been sick

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone know what the song is that while he is shopping for outlets and getting tacos?

    Mitchell HrapchakMitchell HrapchakVuosi sitten
  • could it be that they respayed the car in another green

    watahyahknowwatahyahknowVuosi sitten
  • 13 minutes of my life i will never get back...

    dw2ksdw2ksVuosi sitten
  • The paint is a 3 stage paint

    Cecil FrenchCecil FrenchVuosi sitten
  • All that construction to prevent dust & didnt sweep the floor

    ChipChipVuosi sitten
  • Would have been cheaper to rent a booth at a body shop, WAY CHEAPER

    eksineeksineVuosi sitten
  • Can someone pls tell me the name of the song that Chris played 4:38 it’s not the first time he used.

    • Nvm I found it if u don’t know it’s called “If you Wanna be Happy” it’s the 3rd one on the list with 400k views u welcome.

  • Talk to goonzquard....they painted their 3 stage paint successfully

    Adebayo AdejokeAdebayo AdejokeVuosi sitten
  • Vehicle virgins had the same problem with painting his bonnet

    ThexThexVuosi sitten
  • What about House of Kolor? They do custom paints. Or if you already painted the car, then future reference?

    curtis robertscurtis robertsVuosi sitten
  • 😮😮😮😮 no way. Lol that's super dope man. I'd love take a Audi RS5 and do this. Maybe one day.

    AYO MONTAYO MONTVuosi sitten
  • How's the Lamborghini coming

    Greg HatterGreg HatterVuosi sitten
  • I know it's a bit late but i just checked my paint computer at work i found a lamborghini code L0L6 ppg code LAM.L0L6 is verde mantis green and has two pearls in the mix

    Ron HookerRon HookerVuosi sitten
  • Was soo excited to watch you paint a Lamborghini and now my heart is broken for ever!

    CorbenyaCorbenyaVuosi sitten
  • @bisforbuild I live in the P-town area. I spent 6 years in the military as a mechanic, but most importantly I just have a love for cars and all things motorsports. Would you consider letting me come learn from you and help you work (for free obviously) just so I can get some more hands on experience and learn some more. I'll do any jobs you need even if I have to scrub toilets lol. I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask. I dont even need screen time. I just love your videos. I have a desire to learn and really want to help. Plus I think we would get along great haha.

    Kyle ThompsonKyle ThompsonVuosi sitten
    • 2 kyles!

      Krome5555Krome5555Vuosi sitten
  • These guys juise 5 layers of pearlcoat for a white lambo. fistream.info/work/videot/r81-bLq9doiXzWQ

    MinnehofMinnehofVuosi sitten
  • wow niceee

    ColdBoltzColdBoltzVuosi sitten
  • Hey bro, if you need some help...I can connect you with some people in Sacramento. Especially it's nice and dry outside and painting process will go smoothly. I actually deal with salvage cars. So I know a lot of people down here.

    The//M//Project MediaThe//M//Project MediaVuosi sitten
  • Should do a Benetton Tribute scheme. Like the old Formula One Team.

    Dan HoganDan HoganVuosi sitten
  • Needs googly eyes at the top. Reminds me of ‘Rosie’ from the Jetsons.

    Rusty PageRusty PageVuosi sitten
  • I'm still puzzled by the fact that in US there aren't any paint shops that would scan your existing car panels and mix the paint to match it perfectly...

    RCRT GriffinRCRT GriffinVuosi sitten
    • There are plenty

      Moe HusseinMoe HusseinVuosi sitten
  • paint the doors and the sideskirts red and the lambo will look sick as tits

    roflmao seinsohnroflmao seinsohnVuosi sitten
  • Twin turbo it

    Elder MaxsonElder MaxsonVuosi sitten
  • so weird thats 240 is a big deal in the USA.. everything in Australia runs on 240..

    Mark L RMark L RVuosi sitten
  • subbed since 300+k

    Oh Teck XuanOh Teck XuanVuosi sitten
  • To much talking

    Gary FernandezGary FernandezVuosi sitten
  • I believe vehicle virgins had the same issue.

    Bryson RoddenBryson RoddenVuosi sitten
  • Check House of Kolor they have the best paint out there!

    slo_5.0hslo_5.0hVuosi sitten
  • fistream.info/work/videot/rrSOctOsZ4bSpqM check out the green stitching on the luggage in the lambo store they visited

    Jerome StewartJerome StewartVuosi sitten
  • 有那么一点啰嗦。。。

    Jerry YanJerry YanVuosi sitten
  • ppg/LAMBO are trolling you HARD, what a bunch of dicks, ask RM, they are much nicer, take a sample panel to run past the spectrography

    ValladolidArdeValladolidArdeVuosi sitten
  • The pearl is in the clear coat that is how Lambo does it! Your color look very good.

    My Two Good HandsMy Two Good HandsVuosi sitten
  • Where the hell is the Z from sema

    Dynamic Mobile Detailing & AudioDynamic Mobile Detailing & AudioVuosi sitten
  • You should buy paint and a roller and paint the floor :)

    A.HughesA.HughesVuosi sitten
    • Epoxy!

      MrSystaneMrSystaneVuosi sitten
  • Tri coat bud. No metallic in your base. The second coat is a pearl then top coat.

    pickle street customspickle street customsVuosi sitten
  • excellent job on the dry wall, you should really paint the floor to keep the dust down, just saying

    Rachel WestRachel WestVuosi sitten
    • Or epoxy.

      lfilsonlfilsonVuosi sitten
  • It is the correct base colour. You are just missing the mid coat which has the pearl in it.

    Markus FTWMarkus FTWVuosi sitten
  • car paints can be confusing..... it almost always states on bodyshop products 'for professional use only' this is not a joke! some products can be quite toxic to yourself or others and environment. paints are all different there is so .any options/variants....like solvent to waterborne,metalic/pearl/zirilic,2 stage and 3 stage.....honestly its best left to a professional as so many things can go wrong! paint can be scanned to for an exact match

    kaiser sozekaiser sozeVuosi sitten
  • The metallics are probably in the clear?

  • Hey "B" the Goonz were just painting there hurrican. Their base was 2 stage flat white then pearl. PPG Do you think your's should be like that?

    Lamster66Lamster66Vuosi sitten
  • Never quite finished the fj but eeh I guess that’s the norm

    Dynamic AdhesionDynamic AdhesionVuosi sitten
  • What's a seema build

    Flash 🇨🇦Flash 🇨🇦Vuosi sitten
  • Chris, the pearls are in the mid coat, that's why it does not match

    mjjamieson73mjjamieson73Vuosi sitten
  • I believe pearl is mixed into a clear "intercoat", as in base->clear with pearl->clear

    mrman17mrman17Vuosi sitten
    • pearl is a mid-coat not mixed with clear

      Daylin DixonDaylin DixonVuosi sitten
  • Stupid video!!!! Wasted my time!!!

  • You said "Work Truck" I'm glad you are finally joining the club!

    Dustin BeanDustin BeanVuosi sitten
  • Maybe it is a trip coat

    Matthew SorensenMatthew SorensenVuosi sitten
  • What happened to the twin turbo mustang gt?

    Jr VeraJr VeraVuosi sitten
  • Sad to see the Toyota leaving. On another note i don't think you should be discouraged just because you got the wrong paint. definitely try to do some high end paint jobs!!

    KevKevVuosi sitten
  • Bring it to Seattle, eurotech bodywerkes has your back

    Jacob MillerJacob MillerVuosi sitten
  • How much did u pay for the wrecked car

    Henry AlvarezHenry AlvarezVuosi sitten
  • You should put the clear coat on it before calling it bad... Most clears have a 5%yellowing effect on colors and also u shouldn't be comparing the spray cards to the mirror but more to the hood as mirrors are painted separate to the car and then assembled in the factory. The only way a pro shop will match the color is by doing a blend to the adjacent panels and this is something u could do yourself

    Mohamad ItaniMohamad ItaniVuosi sitten
  • I’m hooked this ’ b for build ‘ for the pass month and half

    OC look it upOC look it upVuosi sitten
  • At first thought. I was thinking you didnt remove the internal filter from your paint gun. Then you said ppt and another paint company stated there were no pearls or metalics in the paint which is weird. Havent really been impressed with Lamborghinis paint schemes lately. That would lead me to believe that someone had your car painted custom. Maybe a pearl mixed in a mid coat clear carrier and then clear coat over top. But I would call A Lamborghini dealer before you go to any Shop. That paint Job will cost more than $10 grand. Be prepared.

    Chris LangdellChris LangdellVuosi sitten
  • Props dude! Paint booth looks amazing. Turbine spray system is on point!

    Adam HulmesAdam HulmesVuosi sitten
  • paint code A3 name is VERDE MANTIS PERLEFFEKT stock# 910119 and is a BASF OEM color

    ron baerron baerVuosi sitten
  • Best infomercial ever!

    TMOC1977TMOC1977Vuosi sitten
  • There is a Shop in Las Vegas, New Look Collision they are Lambo certified and can paint it. 🤙🏼

    jack brosejack broseVuosi sitten
  • I’m pretty sure it’s a Tri-coat paint -_- I have studied this 🎨

    rolando limonrolando limonVuosi sitten
    • Its def Tri coat and Lambo uses PPG from the factor base, pearl/met, and clear

      #Cryptohio#CryptohioVuosi sitten
  • I LOVE VERDE MANTIS ... but damn on a roadster that Mars red looks amazing !

    rolando limonrolando limonVuosi sitten
  • Check out this video for some info on Verde Ithica paint. fistream.info/work/videot/l8R-gsrXrqLbtok You might reach out to him and see exactly what he did vs what Lamborghini does.

    Travis MauldenTravis MauldenVuosi sitten
  • The FJ better be replaced by a Hummer H1

    James SorensenJames SorensenVuosi sitten
  • Yes yes yes yes professional paint thank you

    Sam PageSam PageVuosi sitten
  • Emmm...this episode was literally just the advert/promo....

    Ali AbbasAli AbbasVuosi sitten
  • A shop had this same issue when they painted a new hood for Vehicle Virgins Hurucan.

    Noah ThanosNoah ThanosVuosi sitten
  • L0L6 is the paint code for the pearl version try that one they used both but I think the non pearl version was only used for a year 2014 to 2015

    ashley hardsashley hardsVuosi sitten
  • Find the paint colorway form number and take it to a paint shop

    JDM AdventurezJDM AdventurezVuosi sitten
  • Very excited for the SEMA build reveal!

    Mason DowellMason DowellVuosi sitten
  • Can we see the GTR one more time before the next build

    friction samuelfriction samuelVuosi sitten
  • Peace 👍

    Alan CobbinAlan CobbinVuosi sitten
  • Can we see the GTR one more time before the next build

    friction samuelfriction samuelVuosi sitten
  • Chris! The ventilation system for the booth?

    HildorVideoHildorVideoVuosi sitten
  • You should maybe look at dyc they have amazing stuff

    matzappermatzapperVuosi sitten
  • Man this build is starting to suck. Wat a waste of my time this vid was lol

    Azn EsthirteenAzn EsthirteenVuosi sitten
  • Tualatin Auto Body. Ask for Les.

    Ryan KellyRyan KellyVuosi sitten
  • Awesome. Pitty it wasn't a match... Good effort though Chris. B is for Build... A is for Awesome.

    nebulaxeonnebulaxeonVuosi sitten
  • Kinda glad the paint didn’t match. Couldn’t stand to watch a Lamborghini get painted , with that much dirt and drywall dust on the floor.

    Derek StampfliDerek StampfliVuosi sitten
  • #bisforbuild just wrap it with a unique color

    shahram shahrezaeishahram shahrezaeiVuosi sitten
  • Hey i think u should let go off that green. That red color is so sick. N i love the look of the front bumper.

    G LugoG LugoVuosi sitten
  • Fj getting replaced with a Raptor or G wagon.

    Future FrozenFuture FrozenVuosi sitten
  • Bro, hows the seat for your R35? I though ull going to replace it with the stock ones.. and can i request, i think it will benifit ur channel... i think the r35 is the baby of these channel, and ur viewers (i for one) would like seeing the r35.. im not saying fix something to it, maybe when u go somewhere like a hardware store and buy something for ur lambo, ride the r35.. or when ur going for a beer or date with ur gf, use the r35... vlog with ur r35... cause im thinking like now, ur r35 is somewhere im ur storage area, accumulating dust, having no love anymore.. or u probably sold it.. just saying show us ur r35 more often.. peace! 😎

    Pau RamizaresPau RamizaresVuosi sitten
  • It looks like pepe the frog

    3rick5123rick512Vuosi sitten
  • I can't wait to see the replacement and the SEMA build love the videos

  • who won the 1000 dollars???????????

    Frenk VorticeFrenk VorticeVuosi sitten
  • Put a pan under that water heater pimp! Run those drains outta the crib

    GuillotineStareGuillotineStareVuosi sitten
  • You'll be surprised what a difference spraying clear on a panel does, in my opinion, spraying good quality clear will bring out the color your looking for... just my .02

    • Did you miss the part where the paint manufacturers confirmed there is no pearl at all in this colour? It's the wrong paint.

      Jamie SwainJamie SwainVuosi sitten