We Built The Ultimate DIY Paint Booth for the Lamborghini Huracan

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In todays episode we build the ultimate at home DIY automotive paint booth! And it doubles as one sexy garage..
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  • i was a builder for 30yrs nice try guys but dnt quit your day jobs :)

    EvloftisEvloftisUukausi sitten
  • What if when you need to access those wiring behind the dry wall, any access hole?

    Cougar RichardCougar Richard4 kuukautta sitten
  • theres an tapered edge on the drywall your supposed to save as much as u can. when u hang the drywall horizontally most your mud and tape is in the tapered factory seam. less cut edge to cut edge seams

    Hood KnownHood Known4 kuukautta sitten
  • for people who've never done drywall before that's not too shabby! but hey, you rebuild lambos, so how difficult could drywalling be.....

    pastor tinio, jrpastor tinio, jr6 kuukautta sitten
  • Awesome job. 👍👍

    654wnm654wnm6 kuukautta sitten
  • Were is your shop? And do you do all this work out off a garage you really smart bro👌👌

    Jaime PerezJaime Perez7 kuukautta sitten
  • Chris - I know this is after the fact, but just in case you see my comment, I stumbled onto an impressive paint instructional video today I thought I’d share for the inevitable next time you want to paint and avoid all the problems you’ve had for so long. fistream.info/work/videot/hMuHiLXGfJKbrHk PS - I know your technique has improved considerably - just thought this might add to your body of knowledge about painting. Bear in mind I’m just an interested observer and big fan.

    Rein CiarfellaRein Ciarfella8 kuukautta sitten
  • A few humid days and all that drywall will start sagging. You are posting to FIstream but never took the time to research proper stud or rafter spacing. Hacks

    Colin WarneckeColin Warnecke9 kuukautta sitten
  • Well done

    du-man modifiersdu-man modifiers9 kuukautta sitten
  • What are you doing for ventilation since your garage is attached?

    Bradon CarlsonBradon Carlson10 kuukautta sitten
  • Chris, The ceiling/attic space is critical to insulate, much more important than the walls. I don't understand the decision to not insulate the walls where the lights are. Electrical wire are run though insulation 1000s of times per day. Roof=outside Ceiling=inside. Some kind of connection to the existing fans in the attic would have been a worthy use of time. Nice to have help from friend and GF.

    jrmorrissey207jrmorrissey207Vuosi sitten
  • Honestly, this was a little painful to watch. Please move the electrical service.

    aviator61727aviator61727Vuosi sitten
  • Should be brighter, but better than most diy

    Brent JankowskiBrent JankowskiVuosi sitten
  • But heh, you can reset breakers while painting a car. Looks like the main panel in the corner?

    David AndersonDavid AndersonVuosi sitten
  • 2 videos to realize you can’t match a Lamborghini paint job I feel like I just wasted 35 minutes of my life

    matthew baesematthew baeseVuosi sitten
  • Where's the ventilation also.....you need to be able to breath while your painting.

    Speed JunkySpeed JunkyVuosi sitten
  • Nice job! I am a painter and I have done room remodeling work before, and that is impressive. But I do think it would be better with bigger lighting. There are a lot of shadows. The one thing you want while painting is even, bright lighting! :-)

    Levarn Cavers JrLevarn Cavers JrVuosi sitten
  • What about venting for the paint fumes?

    Dropping PopcornDropping PopcornVuosi sitten
  • what about ventilation

    vee2easyvee2easyVuosi sitten
  • Way too few screws in the ceiling. A little pressure differential and you will be revisiting that install. But hey, it looks great. Love your vids.

    David CoomerDavid CoomerVuosi sitten
  • Not smart

    StewStewVuosi sitten
  • Why do u use the cameras time lapse setting? Just edit it in post so u don't get the nasty bars from the HZ of the Leds

    CabooseEchoCabooseEchoVuosi sitten
  • No gaskets on those lights will just sucks dirt and dust through if you add high CFM exhaust

    Stephen WatermanStephen WatermanVuosi sitten
  • As a former body shop owner I built my own crossdraft booth and did many paint jobs with excellent results for over 20 years and I've been in the construction trade almost as long and that breaker panel inside of a paint booth is a major code violation paint booths can not have any kind of electrical device within the area of fume exposure and how are you pulling clean air in arresting the paint fumes and exhausting non flammable air through the booth clean air flow is a major component of a quality paint job you will at the very least require an explosion proof fan and some kind of filtration system and also consider painting the whole vehicle unless you have acquired skills to blend panels it's also a good idea to paint all the jambs and edges of your parts before installing.

    Rob HRob HVuosi sitten
  • couldn't you just buy a normal Lamborgini for cheaper after you fixed it and everything?

    Joe LeClairJoe LeClairVuosi sitten
  • body repair shops will rent out their paint booths to you for $150-$250

    eksineeksineVuosi sitten
  • Love it when people dig in and just do it!! Props

    Bryan CromarBryan CromarVuosi sitten
  • Just i that thougt the preview was a internet photo and not the result

    Felix EnglundFelix EnglundVuosi sitten
  • How the fuck has this turd of a channel got more subs than Bad Obesssion Motorsprt. HOW. How the fuck does anyone even pretend to tolerate this idiot?

    Swearing at SubarusSwearing at SubarusVuosi sitten
  • You need WAYYY more lights hahah

    Casey and BreelynCasey and BreelynVuosi sitten
  • How about a floor-Air-System

    FrostFrostVuosi sitten
  • imagine what the next owner will think if he finds this room? "oh look, they build a spaceship-room"

    JhonnyTheJeccerJhonnyTheJeccerVuosi sitten
  • “If you’re a professional- just sit back and count them..” Ahhh yes,, “The Bean Counters” Great for P&L presentations for finance- TERRIBLE at BUILDING LEGACY ASSETS- like a business. That’s why they’re “watching”- and YOU’RE DOING- and “doing” at a high level-- AND, most importantly, apparently throughly enjoying the entire journey; the definition of SUCCESS. 💯Zero fear of failure. I salute that. 🐲

    DevInvestDevInvestVuosi sitten
  • You guys done a fine job

    old guys rule 1611old guys rule 1611Vuosi sitten
  • i wish your friend kyle can talk a little hehehe

    Arsad HussinArsad HussinVuosi sitten
  • As a almost 20 year carpenter and 8 year mechanic, you gave done a terrific home owner job. I can critique your drywalling. But it will work for the plat form you are utilizing it for. I love your videos. And learn from you on many builds. From mainly working in dealerships I never got the opportunity to work on body, so its amazing to see such detail. But your construction aspects are hilarious to me only due to experience. But great job. It looks amazing. Hold your head high with pride at an amazing job from a home owner with no experience. I know it sounds dickish, could be the beer, but honestly, I'm impressed!

    Justin MooreJustin MooreVuosi sitten
  • Gotta say it turned out pretty damn good man. Just please don't negate all that work by SANDING CRAP IN THE DAMN BOOTH!!!!!! I swear I cringe everytime you do that. I swear I will unsubscribe this channel the second u sand anything in there, that shit just erks my soul 😂

    Stewie GriffinStewie GriffinVuosi sitten
  • Epic-leptic!

    SupraSmart68SupraSmart68Vuosi sitten
  • The first time I did drywall (pre FIstream tutorials) I trimmed about 5 pieces with a skill saw before my neighbor made his way through the dust cloud in my garage to give me a little “friendly advice” and show me how to my drywall square and utility knife. 🤦‍♂️ This is how we learn. Don’t listen to the haters.

    Marko850Marko850Vuosi sitten
  • If you ever have to file an insurance claim for your shop, remove this video.

    Solo MR2Solo MR2Vuosi sitten
  • Frightening! Any post-fire pics?

    James CarpenterJames CarpenterVuosi sitten
  • LOL. Put the drywall in wrong. But that's ok. Still love the channel.

    ProfessorOzoneProfessorOzoneVuosi sitten
  • Где ламбо ?

    kovalevrukovalevruVuosi sitten
  • I think that if he wanted to cut the dust down, he could have just applied heavy white plastic sheets and stapled it to all the walls and ceiling. It would be more safe than what was just done. REDO it! We care too much to see this as the last build.

    RPMRPMVuosi sitten
  • You're excited, but there are too many shortcuts in a rush to paint the walls. Ventilation ducting, ceiling insulation are missing. For even lighting, remove all specular sources of light, use matt paint and increase the number of sources of light

    RPMRPMVuosi sitten
  • I build paint booths lmao Garmat and Kayco mostly.

    DrewRoycroft BeatsDrewRoycroft BeatsVuosi sitten
  • I forgot to say a good tidy job there's always something else that can be done but we are all just speculating so really spot on.

    gary nutkinsgary nutkinsVuosi sitten
  • What about the extraction system should of done this before you plasterboard but looks awesome for maybe should of done some flexi lighting. I look forward to seeing you spray some cars mate if you want i got a dc5 that needs doing.

    gary nutkinsgary nutkinsVuosi sitten
  • IF i were him, I put a guard along the extension rails. Before things could be worst, Paint the rails to match it.

    Find It And Fix ItFind It And Fix ItVuosi sitten
  • Dry wall will sag with that spacing js

    Mark RidgwayMark RidgwayVuosi sitten
  • Id say for first time doing all of it you guys done pretty well. At least you guys tried it yourselves most people wouldn't.

    Josh M86Josh M86Vuosi sitten
  • You will need to do some kind of box to put over your electrical panels, they are not explosion proof! You talked about being safe, just trying to help you out! And yes you cannot bury electrical cords in the wall! But looks nice!

    Steven BoeverSteven BoeverVuosi sitten
  • What's with air filtration? Don't you some kind of air ventilation system in a spray booth??

    RuinManRuinManVuosi sitten
  • Booth looks pretty badass

    BraggenritesBraggenritesVuosi sitten
  • Chris the garage looks hella fresh

    Mr SupersexyMr SupersexyVuosi sitten
  • Where is the exhaust?

    Lance EganLance EganVuosi sitten
  • If yall play Forza Horizon 4 Ive made a livery for the Huracan!!!! My GT is Drocinit247 go check it out and download it rate it let me know what you think!

    Derek WedinDerek WedinVuosi sitten
  • All that work on the walls for dust, yet you left the concrete floor untreated. Epoxy concrete paint works well.

    GpzJeffreyGpzJeffreyVuosi sitten
  • Nice to see Chelsea again, also impressive dry walling and gap stopping, gonna be an awesome paint booth, just don't do any sanding in the paint booth.......

    David WilliamsDavid WilliamsVuosi sitten
  • No vapour barrier!!!! I see mould and water issues in 6 months...and a demolition job......

    North RunnerNorth RunnerVuosi sitten
    • And burying wires....and sections with no insulation....hopefully your insurance company doesnt see this video, cuz i see no coverage if theres a fire or water damage. Do yourself a favour and take it down and start over properly....

      North RunnerNorth RunnerVuosi sitten
  • The garage will be...? Painted ?

    Kyle AndersonKyle AndersonVuosi sitten

    Daniel BlancoDaniel BlancoVuosi sitten
  • You need more lights than that

    Dominick MorescoDominick MorescoVuosi sitten
  • You can run an angle from the wall to the floor to make it collect less dust. better than flat sides

    humphnorhumphnorVuosi sitten
  • The paint booth turned out fine, however I believe you missed another part required for a paint booth which is ventilation. It appears you made the booth tight, but I did not see good ventilation. Proper air flow and pressure within the room would help keep dust down or at least not entering into the room.

    Edwin H.Edwin H.Vuosi sitten
  • From a painter I definitely suggest stop sanding in your paint booth that's rule number 1, also painting the floor would also help with dust and before painting spray the floor with water and best way to solve your colour match problem is just paint the whole car any body shop would blend the surrounding panels and with this project that would nearly be the full car

    Cor macCor macVuosi sitten
  • i work in a bodyshop and you should have some sort of filter and airflow to pressurize the booth to keep dust out

    Garrison KGarrison KVuosi sitten
  • Portland gang where you at 👀

    Andy PhamAndy PhamVuosi sitten
  • Nice vid

    Clancy RichClancy RichVuosi sitten
  • What are you doing for ventilation

    Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds TennesseeTony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds TennesseeVuosi sitten
  • Respect! Good job!

    Leroy MartinezLeroy MartinezVuosi sitten
  • Those lights are now so against code it isn't funny.

    Dynamic Mobile Detailing & AudioDynamic Mobile Detailing & AudioVuosi sitten
  • Those lights on the ceiling makes me so uncomfortable everytime i see it 😕😕

    Nathan LanwangNathan LanwangVuosi sitten
  • You need way more lights in your booth to really see what your painting, and wheres your extraction fan? You need to draw clean air into the booth through filters and then drawn out through the other end. I have built several home spray booths lined with aluminum sheet, but the most important thing is lighting and air extraction. Love the channel BTW

  • You have a lot of people giving you some great and maybe life saving advice. You should read your comments.

    captncloud50captncloud50Vuosi sitten
  • Nice man

    El SuenoEl SuenoVuosi sitten
  • Looking awesome, I recomend you seal off the electrical panel before you paint. You can't have any electrical components exposed in a paint booth, when the paint is atomized it could cause an explosion if the atoms are close enough to complete a circuit.

    Josh SchultzJosh SchultzVuosi sitten
  • If you can do body work then you should be able to do drywall for sure

    Jacob TylorJacob TylorVuosi sitten
  • Watching this gives me horrible flashbacks of younger me. I had a 3-car garage built years ago. To save money I told the contractor I would finish it out. It was like drywalling the Astrodome by myself. It had 12 foot ceilings and 33 light fixtures.

    CratecruncherCratecruncherVuosi sitten
  • Why didnt you make a door to the top part in the back and use it as storage? That's a big waist of space. Keep them coming, peace.

    AdsTrapatonyAdsTrapatonyVuosi sitten
  • Looks nice!! Great job!! Kudos!!!

    Wilfredo PaganWilfredo PaganVuosi sitten
  • Im a norwegin electican. I will i lieved in the US and could help u with those wiers :D I would do it for free ofc

    M MyrvoldM MyrvoldVuosi sitten
  • don't forget install the air fans?

    Anil OzAnil OzVuosi sitten
  • hi cool well dun

    greg work shopgreg work shopVuosi sitten
  • Wth happen to the thousand dollar give away 😂😂

    cj vertcj vertVuosi sitten
    • He gave it away on St Patrick’s Day. You can see it all on BIFB Instagram

      Patti HarrisPatti HarrisVuosi sitten
  • That’s awesome

    Daniel ZambranoDaniel ZambranoVuosi sitten
  • That's going to be good for one day and after you paint it will have paint dust for ever 😂

    Jay SmithJay SmithVuosi sitten
  • Incredible DIY job!

    ThePeoplesChampThePeoplesChampVuosi sitten
  • What happened with the venting?

    J PJ PVuosi sitten
  • You guys did an excellent job but you really should have utilized the space as best as possible! you could have made access panel doors for storage in ceiling or at the end of the paint booth where you cut off a lot of space with the 45 degree wall. But otherwise looks fabulous!

    subbystylesubbystyleVuosi sitten
  • Box the water pipe

    HeckHeckVuosi sitten
  • you should do a 2jz swap is300

    Vantey 1kkkVantey 1kkkVuosi sitten
  • Chrix fix if you knoe what i mean

    PenusesPenusesVuosi sitten
  • I'm not into construction either, but this hurts even me to watch... LOL. get'er done!

    The Northern-lightThe Northern-lightVuosi sitten
  • Loving the build videos ! Keep them coming I subscribe if you haven’t yet idk what you guys are waiting for !

    Diego TorresDiego TorresVuosi sitten
  • This is good evidence for the insurance company, you may want to delete this video my man..

    Jim WilloughbyJim WilloughbyVuosi sitten
  • Im not going to lie an Epoxy floor would make the space look even better. Also makes it a little easier to clean

    NoizebombbNoizebombbVuosi sitten
  • Not any slots for the ventilation ?

    reidar brendenreidar brendenVuosi sitten
  • God I hate this guy and I don't know why.

    cuck lordcuck lordVuosi sitten
  • Make the whole shop look like this

    NaviNaviVuosi sitten