Weighing the Huracan with Bathroom Scales! Also doing a ton of other work :)

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In today's episode we weight the huracan and do tons of other work.
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  • The water pump was crying when it found out it wasent goin to sena

    Kyle McweenyKyle Mcweeny5 kuukautta sitten
  • Racon sponsors all of my favorite youtubers they sponsors you and mmg

    The Kid YTThe Kid YT11 kuukautta sitten
  • Howdy, Is the orange welder in several o the shots the multi-use on at harbor freight? The about $1K one? If so do you like it?

    Robert LeeRobert LeeVuosi sitten
  • You dont have to fastforeward every time, i hate it.. we are not learning much this way...i want to see u guys work in real time and learn from that... please dont fastforeward everything.

    UnknownEventUnknownEventVuosi sitten
  • If they plan on racing this car at the strip, I wonder if they should have just gone straight to the slipper clutch install.

    damascusbladedamascusbladeVuosi sitten
  • A water oops... Just wonderful. :)

    Blade's Toy ShopBlade's Toy ShopVuosi sitten
  • What about safety on those earbugd do safety come included??

    Westcoast TintaWestcoast TintaVuosi sitten
  • How much does Oscar get paid?

    barryg200barryg200Vuosi sitten
  • Cheap.

    Yathil PatanYathil PatanVuosi sitten
  • How about a sit down with Oscar? Seems like an amazing guy.

    Scott DonaldsonScott DonaldsonVuosi sitten
  • Imagine trying to change the timing belt for this car 😭😭

    Eliangel MartínezEliangel MartínezVuosi sitten
  • Oscar is the fuckin man thank god for mexicans

    Bob ValenzBob ValenzVuosi sitten
  • Iam sorry i have no clue of building cars. But shouldn't the weight distribution be balanced? I mean there is going to be different weight distribution to any of the 4 wheels. Isn't that very important for a high performance car ?

    Μέτρον ΆριστονΜέτρον ΆριστονVuosi sitten
  • Raycon copy of blitzwolf bw-fye5

    AlexUAlexUVuosi sitten
  • Where's all the videos? Need More Input

    Jeremy LutzzJeremy LutzzVuosi sitten
  • Watch "How a V12 LS engine is made" on FIstream fistream.info/work/videot/hpiSpLPaqYaWlXU This would be insane!

    Chad CarpenterChad CarpenterVuosi sitten
  • Mount the pump in a place where there is always a column of water fed to it by gravity, you will have zero priming issues.

    talontsi92talontsi92Vuosi sitten
  • You should have put an edelbrock duel throttle body intake manifold on you engine.

    Lozza LakatLozza LakatVuosi sitten
  • Will you finish in time for SEMA?

    Bilal AnarwalaBilal AnarwalaVuosi sitten
  • Am I the only one when Chris said they were gonna do a science experiment heard Doc Brown's voice saying "It's a Science Experiment!" from Back to the Future III ?

    Boosted And BaggedBoosted And BaggedVuosi sitten
  • Stage the pumps and have the second one come on if temps get too high

    Michael CullenMichael CullenVuosi sitten
  • Hurry with the next video 😂😂😂

    john aitkenjohn aitkenVuosi sitten
  • 1500 hp and the rest..... Considering there are no waste gates....... ALL THE BOOST

    Ant KopAnt KopVuosi sitten
  • Nice job, that is very light!

    Garage Time - RestomodGarage Time - RestomodVuosi sitten
  • I have just found out your Lamborghini is not the first manual Hurricane sorry to disappoint you.

    Aston OfferAston OfferVuosi sitten
  • Must spend minimal on tools, just a set of nut fuckers

    Nick TrNick TrVuosi sitten
  • Chris you have come such a long way. Your formula WORKS. I love the way you edit your videos. Your style is successful, you certainly express your technical prowess. I have not only learned how to do new things with my BMWs, but I frequent your channel whenever I lose some steam and need a motivational bump. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    GarageaholicGarageaholicVuosi sitten
  • Let’s weigh the car.... then add heavy things to it.

    alltruenewsalltruenewsVuosi sitten
  • having the turbos backwards how does that effect power and response/spool times? and how does that whirling air influence drag at top speeds?

    Andre LogenAndre LogenVuosi sitten
  • It’s hilarious that you think that you lost 1000lbs

    Dinos H.Dinos H.Vuosi sitten
  • I don't think that this cars gonna run

    Suman SharmaSuman SharmaVuosi sitten
  • Keep telling you. TORQUE, a force, is what a clutch transmits, not HP

    robert webbrobert webbVuosi sitten
  • This is dragging on waaaayyy to long

    biggkayzbiggkayzVuosi sitten
  • This channel ..... me😂

    Din MadlahuddinDin MadlahuddinVuosi sitten
  • This is an awesome build but there is no way it's seeing SEMA 2019

    DeerbraDeerbraVuosi sitten
  • I’m more excited about the boat

    RickDiesel718RickDiesel718Vuosi sitten
  • Youre wearing those earbuds wrong....

    Sinister FPVSinister FPVVuosi sitten
  • Just a idea but a roof scoop like in the new 600lt then to some air filter box that then splits to both turbos should look decent and most importantly be very functional at higher speeds to help force feed the turbos. Would be cool to if could get made in carbon fiber.

    Nina BlatchleyNina BlatchleyVuosi sitten
  • I don't think that will be that light at the end. But to put things into perspective, Lotus cars known for being minimal and light.... Are 3000lbs. (For the Evora, which is MUCH heavier than older Lotuses)

    SeenCreaTiveSeenCreaTiveVuosi sitten
  • That steam line is supposed to be under pressure isn't it? Don't the oem systems run back to the pressurized expansion tank?

    Eli CasonEli CasonVuosi sitten
  • 1134 kg and 1134hp goal One to one

    Cloud CoverCloud CoverVuosi sitten
  • B is for boat?

    Brett GoldsmithBrett GoldsmithVuosi sitten
  • A crescent wrench?!?! A fuc#*ing crescent wrench?

    Travis FunkTravis FunkVuosi sitten
  • You can always set one pump on a switch just incase it gets hot 🤷🏽‍♂️ It may not get hot, but could help a bit.

    VanishInThe MoonLightVanishInThe MoonLightVuosi sitten
  • Do you think there could be a possibility of too much coolant flow? Where the coolant would be flowing too quickly to actually take enough heat out?

    Gary AGary AVuosi sitten
  • Probably never gonna see this comment but. Really like B is for Build! I just think it's a little boring from a car builder myself that 80% of the video is explaining the "gameplan" and then time lapse the install or whatever so fast I can't see whats going on. Feels more like a vlog than a build :

    Filip LindbergFilip LindbergVuosi sitten
  • i promise i'll become a patreon if you do an entire episode with no cap/beanie, etc. :D

    PI VictorPI VictorVuosi sitten
  • What's the plan on painting this? You doing it, or sending the panels out while you work on the rest. Just curious due to 26 days left (according to the video)

    Cody ZimmermanCody ZimmermanVuosi sitten
  • I was just in the Portland/Hillsboro area. I think I recognized the tunnel where you smacked the curb in the past (26 to Beaverton?). What is with all the 55mph speed limits??? OMG like standing still!!!! Traffic was horrible!!!

    David BrittDavid BrittVuosi sitten
  • Hi from the UK, I'm not sure how you have plumbed in your 2 pumps, I guess with one front and one rear then they must be in series, this doesn't increase flow rate it increases pump head (pressure) If it helps, as a rule identical pumps in series = double head (pressure) at the same flow rate identical pumps in parallel = double flow rate at the same head (pressure) In your setup now, the reason your flow rate increases when you start the second pump is because it is adding a restriction when it ISN'T running. love the show by the way, great stuff Matt

    AcousticFoxbuskersAcousticFoxbuskersVuosi sitten
  • The steam port is supposed to flow coolant. It’s the highest point in the cooling system naturally.

    Josh NeuenfeldtJosh NeuenfeldtVuosi sitten
  • What happened to the yacht build videos

    cobracobraVuosi sitten
  • Thats just awesome!

    Claudiu TocaClaudiu TocaVuosi sitten
  • fistream.info/work/videot/jLGwkpOtaICYrHE somebody else is 3D Printing a Lambo, just fyi

    David LoewenDavid LoewenVuosi sitten
  • Bad ass! Love the sema builds, can’t help but think of the Z LOL.

    Maurice WarfieldMaurice WarfieldVuosi sitten
  • Those scales are not accurate...especially when your tires sit on wood. Gonna come in light all day doing it that way

    FUCK GoogleFUCK GoogleVuosi sitten
  • Where is the Boat?😭

    Wawa WiwaWawa WiwaVuosi sitten
  • 1084 kilo for non 'muricans

    MaitonMaitonVuosi sitten
  • it will go 350+km/h

    AB NASIRAB NASIRVuosi sitten
  • Hey all, is there any editors here from the states want to start a car channel , im in ireland and can provide car reviews and car meets be different compared to the states .

    bla habla haVuosi sitten
  • Get this thing Giraffe Tuned. Then let Cleetus rip 8s in it all night long. Stick shift Masterclass 👍 Nice build Mate 🇦🇺

    MittoMittoVuosi sitten
  • When he yelled after the weight I thought I restarted the intro...

    StompedStompedVuosi sitten
  • If your clutch is rated at 1500WHP, I hope your gearbox internals are good for that?

    TintinTintinVuosi sitten
  • I am looking forward to all the drag races we will see this thing in!

    PattyPattyVuosi sitten
  • ... 200 kg heavier then a fking miata and 10 times the HP... I have no words for this insanity

    Winston ZhangWinston ZhangVuosi sitten
  • Im wondering if anyone has considered the fact that the engine itself will dictate how much flow rate the pumps will allow for. In other words, Just because the pump can push 40gpm, does not mean the engine will allow it. We havent even spoken about if the engine will have a thermostat or not. Which is ALSO a form of resistance within the cooling system. Being that this is a street car setup, it wouldn't be practical to NOT run a thermostat. The real time flow rate data won't be accurate until the entire cooling system is complete and functioning correctly ON the actual motor.

    Modfyd GARAGEModfyd GARAGEVuosi sitten
  • You should use more cinematic shots during processes like grinding, welding, etc.

    GT KingGT KingVuosi sitten
  • Again Oscar did a 'Greate Job' :) congrats boys.

    Malik HakyemezMalik HakyemezVuosi sitten
  • Why are you weighing the car like that 😂😂😂

  • Any earbud is not going to protect your ears the same way actual ear protection will. Do not use headphones as ear protection.

    Travis UysalogluTravis UysalogluVuosi sitten

    THICC1THICC1Vuosi sitten
  • Cleetus science is legit

    Josh MaddoxJosh MaddoxVuosi sitten
  • Definitely enjoying this build. I'd say you really went next level.

    Anthony 1Anthony 1Vuosi sitten
  • I don't know how accurate you system of weigh is. I think the numbers were different die to calibration. You can't add the weight on each end of the board like that.

    Anthony TurnerAnthony TurnerVuosi sitten
  • great video

    Nghia NguyenNghia NguyenVuosi sitten
  • Nice build, dirty shop!

    jeff johnsonjeff johnsonVuosi sitten
  • Your steam vent might spew less once you rout an actual line with a fitting to that tank since it would then be pressurized 🤷‍♂️

    Jordan LattaJordan LattaVuosi sitten
  • Duuude, u have 30 days and your car doesn’t even start, interior is nonexistent, you’ve been all over the place with things regarding the car! TJ Hunt Hunt took months in order to get his 458 working and it was not wrecked like your car! Godspeed sir, PLEASE PROVE US WRONG🙏🙏

    Ali SultanAli SultanVuosi sitten
  • Paint all the aluminium pices in the enginenbay black , looks wierd with polish and black

    Diego MDiego MVuosi sitten
  • Whatever happened to the boat? That was a random project.

    Pistons & PropsPistons & PropsVuosi sitten
  • I had to check more than once - thought I was watching Sloppy Mechanics. I wonder if the SEMA pressure is getting to these guys? 😳

    Gilbert FranklinGilbert FranklinVuosi sitten
  • B is for bwaaaahahaha

    Kevin ShekKevin ShekVuosi sitten
  • Race rob dahms 4 rotor

    RonzRonzVuosi sitten
  • I know this comment is going to get buried but that cheap balancer isn't going to pass tech at any racing event... you're going to need an SFI-approved unit from ATI or the like.

    Isaac FralishIsaac FralishVuosi sitten
  • Hey, don't worry! Chris and Oscar finished this project a month ago and they're hanging out at The Mirage in Vegas at the Dolphin Bar.

    Delia WolfeDelia WolfeVuosi sitten
  • "LS swapped porsche" I can feel Hoovie frustration from here

    Andrea FloriniAndrea FloriniVuosi sitten
  • remember in regards to your flow %: running that 1 pump makes the water go through the other (offline) pump body, making it less efficient overall. either run both as-is, both in parallel with the ability to switch one off, or take one out.

    joshua carljoshua carlVuosi sitten
  • You weighed the car without doors, glass and seats.

    Michael HarrisMichael HarrisVuosi sitten
  • I subbed because of the boat build guess that ain't happening any time soon in abit

    some personsome personVuosi sitten
  • After this build I’d really like to see a Back to Basics B is for Build type project. Something like the old BRZs or whatnot.

    Harrison PierceHarrison PierceVuosi sitten
  • Putting the 2ndpump on a switch on the dash in case you need starker flow?! Just an idea...great build guys

    Denise JoyceDenise JoyceVuosi sitten
  • Chris, I know its your build but I think it would look cool and function way better it you connected the turbo intake to each side intake on the car body.

    DJM ProductionsDJM ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Do NOT use Teflon tape! No matter careful you are if one shred of it gets in the system it can do serious damage! I've seen hydraulic pumps the size of your fist split the case. Use pipe thread sealant with Teflon. A little extra won't hurt anything. It'll dissolve in oil/coolant/trans fluid. YMMV.

    Phil GrindlePhil GrindleVuosi sitten
  • How the hell is this going to be in any kinda condition for SEMA?

    Brock SampsonBrock SampsonVuosi sitten
    • It's an amazing build don't get me wrong

      Brock SampsonBrock SampsonVuosi sitten
  • you should probably use a check valve in the water system so the pump maintains the water.

    Joshua FinkelsteinJoshua FinkelsteinVuosi sitten
  • First this channel is awesome. Also love the faith they have in a crescent wrench while working on a lambo. I have rounded way to many bolts and nuts to ever want to use one on something like this car. But i get it use what you have

    Matt PriceMatt PriceVuosi sitten
  • Good luck dude! Almost there

    plageranplageranVuosi sitten
  • That car is really light and the accessories on the engine has a really clean look! Clutch looks pretty awesome and strong and the electric water pump test is pretty cool!

    Ethan MacherasEthan MacherasVuosi sitten
  • B is for Boat

    Vohaul214Vohaul214Vuosi sitten
  • i did my install of oil cooler which i made from old bmw ATF cooler...and did some welding connecting etc...and got it mounted in the car so good that mechanic didnt even notice it :D and since then i am doing all stuff on my car by my self.

    NoYouAreNotDreamingNoYouAreNotDreamingVuosi sitten